STARTED : Dec 1, 2017

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Cryptralis is most profitable investment company which is working
in different crypto-currency areas and generating constant profitable return.

Cryptralis is a team of crypto enthusiasts that formed in 2014.
After working a few years in our own “little crypto group”, we decided to scale bigger and established Cryptralis in October 2017.

Our main task is to achieve constant and maximum profits in various areas of the crypto currency market. That's why everyone from our team is assigned to a specific area, where he or she is best.

Tim L. (UK):

Founder / Leader and first member of Cryptralis, he came to crypto currency in 2014. In our team he is the one that is responsible for everything with charts, candlesticks and numbers.
So he is the trader of Cryptralis.

Jurij M. (RUS):

He came together with Tim also early in 2014 and since then he has decided to work with him. From this cooperation a close friendship arose. Jurijs specialty is everything with crypto in context with software and hardware. He started very early to build mining rigs at his home and expanded very fast for bigger mining facilities, that he operates now. In this job, cost-effective green energy is very important to him.

Raphael H. (GER).

Later on in the end of 2015, Raphael joined our “little crypto group”. He is also a little involved in mining too but much more in POS (Proof of Stake) process. Everything that has to do with POS in the crypto area, is what interests him. Also he is the only one at Cryptralis that can speak german.

Sara K. (UKR).

And yes, we also have female support at Cryptralis… Sara is the last member and joined us 2016.
She is the chick in our team and especially in this (currently) dominated by men, crypto area.
Her main task area here at Cryptralis is the ICO & Lending sector.

In this sector Sara is always up to date and and has a very fast reaction time to take maximum profits here in this comparatively young area.

All together form the core of cryptralis and each has its own task which is part of the whole project.
Our absolute main goal is to achieve a long running time of Cryptralis and bring our investors best possible profits. Because of this we have not that much usual high daily profit but rather a little less to be implemented in the long term.

We don’t see our investors just as investors or customers but much more as last missing big completion in our team. Here it should be always a Win Win for both sides, only then we will succeed.

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